What are the prerequisites for Hot 26+ Teacher Training?

  1. Applicant must be a minimum of 18 years of age to attend teacher training
  2. Minimum six months of continuous Hot26 practice at your home studio taught by an Original Hot Yoga Association Level 1 (or higher) Instructor or Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor
  3. Each participant should be physically fit and mentally able to complete the requirements for certification (ten-90 minute Hot26 classes per month, lectures & homework assignments, practicum teaching assignments & memorization skills)

What if I don’t satisfy all prerequisites?

If you do not satisfy all of the above prerequisites, please email a letter detailing your situation to Amy Clement.   Such requests will be reviewed for further consideration. Acceptance into the program without all of the prerequisites is not guaranteed.

What if I don’t live near an Original Hot Yoga Association studio?

Please email a letter detailing your situation to Amy Clement. Consideration will be given to students who have practiced at an Original Hot Yoga Association or Bikram Yoga studio in the past and have a consistent home practice currently.   Students will need to explain how they would plan to meet the requirements of practicing ten-90 minute Hot26 classes per month.

How do I register?

Send inquiry request along with written details of completion of prerequisite requirements to us by email. Your information will be reviewed for submission and approval.

What are the certification requirements?

  1. Attend 100% of the scheduled monthly 2018/2019 teacher training sessions.
  2. Pass periodic tests of teacher training curriculum (anatomy, philosophy, postures & teaching practicum etc.)
  3. Completion and submission of book summaries of required reading assignments
  4. Successful completion of practicing ten 90-minute Hot26 classes each month during teacher training program. Each participant’s training log shall detail each class participation and signed by Original Hot Yoga Association Instructor or Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor.
  5. Successful delivery of a 90 minute Hot26 class utilizing OHYA Certificate of Standards Evaluation Form with a score of 80 or higher.

Does everyone who attends Hot 26+ Teacher Training receive a certification?

Certification is not guaranteed without the successful completion of the certification requirements.   Additional support and coaching will be available over the course of teacher training so all participants have the opportunity of graduating.

What is included in the cost of teacher training?

  • Our Hot 26+ Teacher training curriculum and manuals
  • Two-90 minute Hot26 classes each scheduled training weekend (white rental towel for practicing included)

What additional costs will need to be incurred for teacher training?

  • Purchase or library rental of required book readings
  • Hotel accommodations each weekend (if student is not a local resident)
  • Meals during teacher training weekends
  • Class cards/plans for required practice classes outside of teacher training weekends. (Special 8- month unlimited package available for students of Bikram Yoga Lake Norman. See Amy Clement for details).

What should I bring each weekend to teacher training?

  • Positive Attitude and Willingness to want to learn
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga apparel to participate in two-90 minute Hot26 classes
  • Yoga apparel for lectures and teaching practicum
  • Shower towel and cosmetics to clean up after class
  • Lunch or money to purchase lunch and beverages
  • Notebooks and writing utensils
  • Hot 26+ teaching manual and required books

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

If for some unforeseen reason, you need to cancel your participation in teacher training, a refund will be given provided written notice is received by August 15, 2018.   A $250 administration fee will be charged for all cancellations.

After the start of the teacher training program, refunds cannot be issued.   If you miss a scheduled weekend of 2018/2019 training then you will need to take the particular missed weekend program during the 2019/2020 training program to meet the certification requirements.