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HOT 26+



A Whole New kind of Hot Yoga Teacher Training.

Our Hot 26+ Teacher Training is a breakthrough hot yoga teacher training system.

In addition to learning how to deliver the Original Hot Yoga sequence, Hot 26+ crosses the divide between yoga practice, personal growth, and business best practices.  This integrated teacher training “system”  blends cutting-edge business and leadership wisdom with ancient yoga knowledge, while honoring classical yoga sequencing.

Powerful Practice

At the absolute core of our training is the Original Hot Yoga sequence as the essential model for whole body fitness. Powerful Practice is the art of this sequence, and it  is life-changing for the body, mind and soul. We are fed by it… by the transforming power it has to alter our  strength, confidence, mindfulness, discipline, and resolve.

You’ll learn how to confidently lead and inspire others with your presence, voice, and movement utilizing the 26 and 2 sequence combined with our unique coaching process.

Path with Purpose

Is the life you are living the life that is meant to live in you?

Are you clear about your life’s purpose and how you go about living it?

Are you clear on your personal values, and how they line up with your behaviors and the way you interact with others?

You’ll learn how to have clarity around your personal vision for you life, and for all the stages in between.

Unique Potential

Are you capable and confident about bringing your true, authentic self into your next life experience? AND,  to your student’s learning experience with you?

Are you equipping yourself to lead by understanding your own personality style and how you are perceived, valued and respected by others?

You’ll learn how to become your own best role model and coach.

Optimum Productivity

Very few yoga Instructors have also enjoyed a highly successful business career. Amy will share with you the knowledge she gained in business along with breakthrough business and productivity tools she has developed by working with her team of teachers and students.

You’ll learn how to maximize your time and resources, teach in the hot room, comfortably enroll and build relationships with new students at the desk, and draw from your leadership qualities to become a role model for others.

9 weekends. 9 months. Maximum results.

Hot 26+ Teacher Training is the brainchild of a respected and certified Bikram Yoga Instructor and studio owner, Amy Clement.  The Hot 26+ curriculum is uniquely designed as a standard-setting course that will teach the basics of the Original Hot Yoga sequence in addition to offering the opportunity to grow in strength, confidence and productivity as an Original Hot Yoga Instructor and mentor for other students.

Our aim for Hot 26+ is to provide the very best instruction in a supportive environment and treat every teacher and student as an individual.  We will share our journey with you and hope to be instrumental in the enriching of your life and the lives of your future students.

Convenient. Comprehensive. Affordable.


Forget about putting your life on hold to get to teacher training.

Path Forward Hot 26+ Teacher Training has been designed for prospective Instructors who lead busy lives.   Whether your are working full time or the CEO of your household, the training program will enrich your life and work around the needs of your busy schedule.


As a participant in the weekend based program, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the Original Hot Yoga sequence,  learn how to lead an effective class, and how to market yourself in the Original Hot Yoga Industry.   The training combines traditional elements of yoga teacher training with cutting-edge coaching, personal development and business best practices.

You will take your own Original Hot Yoga practice to new heights and learn how you can assist others with their journey.

The Hot 26+ Teacher Training Certification will equip you to teach the Original Hot Yoga sequence immediately following certification. The 500-hour program will also allow you to begin the path of becoming a Level 1 Original Hot Yoga Instructor as sanctioned by the Original Hot Yoga Association.


This 500-hour training is the most comprehensive and affordable in the industry. Other programs that do not offer the scope and convenience available with HOT26+ are  priced at $7,000 to $12,000.

We want to make this course amazingly affordable for the limited number of students we are accepting in our program. Students will enjoy a huge savings by applying now during this Early Birdy Pricing period.

Imagine how life-changing it would be if you are capturing the best practices of personal & professional growth while also learning to master and teach the 26 and 2 sequence!

Grow strength
Grow Confidence
Build mindful muscles
Challenge your best self
Discover a new YOU!
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