When you choose to sign on for the HOT 26+ Teacher Training  you will journey through four interrelated stages of growth that will provide you with the process and tools most needed to:

(1) MINDSET is everything. During your HOT26+ training, you’ll develop a mental and physical MINDSET profoundly unique in the industry. Our Core Practice empowers self worth and identity, while at the same time, trains you physically in the HOT 26 technique and methodology, which utilizes the Original Hot Yoga sequence.

(2) During DISCOVERY, you’ll uncover your purpose, core values,  and unique vision that will define and guide your  Personal Journey.

(3) PROCESS is about establishing the habits, tools, and systems that help you develop Meaningful Productivity and live the life you desire.

(4) Our ACTION training will empower you to enter into the new world of Best Practice Living, each and every day, aligned to your highest and best self. You’ll also study Best Practice Leaders who will aid you in confident decision-making, business growth,  and self discovery…. all combined to offer you the opportunity to take your training to any level you desire.