I've got some exciting news for you!

As an entrepreneur, studio owner, hot yoga master trainer,
leadership & productivity coach, and unshakable optimist,

I've designed a new 500 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training program
unlike any other on the market! I'll teach you everything I've learned
to bring your powerful practice in line with on-purpose leadership
and business best practices.

Because I'm dedicated to helping you become
an amazing Original Hot Yoga Instructor and coach!

I'm Amy!

With Hot26+ Teacher Training, your future is bright!

Hot 26+ Teacher Training is founded on the principles and postures of the Original Hot Yoga sequence, yet it is much more.

This integrated teacher training “system”  blends cutting-edge business and leadership wisdom with ancient yoga knowledge, while honoring classical yoga sequencing.

This is what you’ve been looking for.
With Hot26+, you get more of what you need to succeed in life and work.

Amy’s unparalleled teaching skill can only be surpassed by her commitment to her craft. She is a pioneer in her field and studying under her has been nothing short of an honor. The clear and articulate curriculum, materials and sessions made for an inspiring and enriching learning environment that will leave a lasting impression on my students. Also, it has taught me lessons that will remain with me for a lifetime. In my almost 20-year experience as both a teacher and student, I would be hard pressed to name a mentor that compares. She is the perfect mix of love, diligence and professionalism. I fully honor and endorse the Hot26+ program created by Amy.

Patti SicilianoOriginal Hot Yoga Instructor

Bikram Yoga Lake Norman is the best studio for Bikram Yoga in the Charlotte area and one of the best I’ve been to anywhere. The owner, Amy Clement, sets the bar high. The studio is exceptionally clean and has a state of the art heating and ventilation system. The classes, which include several types, are challenging and professional but not competitive. There’s a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and I always look forward to going there. Amy has also provided me with the opportunity to teach Pilates, and I am now also training with her to teach Bikram. She is a great teacher, encouraging yet always challenging me to grow and be my best. She sets the example in her own commitment to continuously learn and grow. My time at Bikram Yoga Lake Norman continues to be rewarding and fun, and I highly recommend it.

Becky RoederStudio Instructor

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